New Memory Craft 9900 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Janome Memory Craft 9900Janome launched its newest sewing/embroidery machine, the Memory Craft 9900, yesterday, March 1, 2013. Although the machine will not appear for sale in most Janome dealerships until mid-March, Temecula Valley Sewing Center wanted to introduce you to the sheer awesomeness of the new MC9900. No matter what type of sewing, quilting, or embroidery you do, we think you’re going to love it!

Last month we attended training in Las Vegas for the new MC9900. What was so amazing to witness was the sheer quietness of a room full of MC9900’s embroidering at the same time. There must have been 30 or 40 machines running all at once, and we had no trouble hearing the educator over the quiet hum of the machines. Oh, the bliss.

Learning the amazing features of the new MC9900 was so much fun. We are in awe of the features and capabilities of the new machine in relation to its cost. We would expect a machine of this caliber to carry a steep price.

Besides being a phenomenal sewing/embroidery machine, the new Janome Memory Craft 9900 has the most stable embroidery unit Janome has ever produced. It is incredibly precise. In fact, the stitch quality is so precise, it is possible to embroider fine lace designs on certain types of organza without stabilizer!

With a 8-1/2″ bed area, from inside the arm to the needle, the new MC9900 is super fast (1000 stitches per minute). And, as we stated before, it is remarkably quiet. If you are looking for value, the MC9900 has the kind of specifications found on machines costing twice as much and with three-times the learning curve. With the MC9900 everything is so easy to use because the technology has been designed to make it fun.

Embroidery Designs & Decorative Stitches For All Your Creative Projects

The Janome Memory Craft 9900 has 175 built-in embroidery designs, many of them brand new. The built-in designs include a collection of exclusive motifs by Jane Spolar of Quilt Poetry. Jane’s designs were created specifically for the MC9900, and she made sure each design could not only be used on its own, but could also be combined to create larger design layouts. The intricacy and color detail are stunning.

Within the MC9900’s sewing library are 200 built-in stitches, including 5 One-Step buttonholes and 1 Auto buttonhole plus bar tacks and darning stitches. 25 of these beautiful stitches can be flipped horizontally and vertically.

Easy Navigation On The Memory Craft 9900

Quickly Find Exactly What You Want. The MC9900 has a brighter, more “colorful” new screen (over 65 thousand colors). The graphic interface is designed to help you find the stitches and settings you want quickly and easily. Use a stylus or your finger to navigate. And the brand new central processing unit (CPU) gets you there four times faster than previous models.

Browse And Edit 200 Built-In Stitches

The touch screen buttons on the MC9900 take you through the major stitch categories. From there, you can quickly select the exact stitch you want. Stitch adjustments, such as length, width and tension are easy to adjust and save. You can also combine and customize stitches, then save the combos to the machine’s memory for future use.

Import Designs Via USB Memory Stick

You don’t need software to import embroidery designs into your MC9900. You can use a standard USB memory stick sold through your local Janome dealer, or in any electronics section at stores selling computers. Although the preferred memory of a USB device is 64mb, the Janome MC9900 is able to read USB devices up to 2GB. To use a USB device with your computer, simply plug the USB memory stick into the machine. The MC9900 will automatically format it, creating an EMB folder on your USB device. When you then insert the device into your computer – PC or Mac – you can simply drag the designs you keep on your computer into the device’s EMB folder. Next, simply insert the USB device back into the MC9900, access the design(s) via the touch screen, and get ready to stitch!

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Reader Comments (20)

carol on 3/4/13 @ 10:34am

Price please...

b.gottier on 3/4/13 @ 11:58am

Carol, you'll have to call or come by the shop. Janome dealers are not allowed to quote pricing for this machine online.

Connie Shultz on 3/5/13 @ 5:59pm

Wow, I'd love to have a machine like this. Do you take trade-ins?

b.gottier on 3/5/13 @ 6:00pm

Hi Connie. Yes, we do take trade-ins. Bring your machine to the store so we can check it out. We'll then be able to tell you what it's worth.

Michelle on 3/6/13 @ 9:39am

I really love the teal colored machine!

Sally Little on 4/17/13 @ 12:35pm

I just bought this beautiful machine. It is absolutely amazing....I'm in love! It's a machine I've always dreamed of owning.

robyn on 6/10/13 @ 1:51pm

Do you have a trolley for the 9900 yet? I just got the machine and am searching for something that it will fit in comfortably!

b.gottier on 6/11/13 @ 1:21pm

Yes, we do have a trolley that fits the 9900. Come in and let us show you it!

candace krotzer on 4/18/13 @ 9:03pm

I would like to know is this machine MC 9900 newer than the Janome 11000? And if so what is the difference between the two. thank you

candace krotzer on 4/18/13 @ 9:09pm

I forgot to ask I have a Janome Memory Craft 6600 I have never used. Would you consider a trade=in and how much? thank you

candie on 4/22/13 @ 11:54am

I am a quilter - is this machine 9900, better for quilters than 8900. I noted the workspace on 9900 is 8.3 inches while the 8900 is 11.

b.gottier on 4/23/13 @ 1:54pm

I'd think the 8900 is better for you if you want a longer arm. The main advantage to the 9900 is the embroidery capability, which can be used to embellish quilts. If you aren't going to free motion quilt, then I'd say the 9900 is best for you.

Dawn on 10/5/15 @ 4:42pm

I use to have a 8900 and I ended up taking it back because it has no Embroidery Mode. So you have to ask your self, do you just want to sew and quilt your self if so go for the 8900. It does have a bigger space, But the 9900 Does have the Embroidery mode to do make embroideries and quilt and sew. I ended up with the Janome 9900 and I love it. Good luck!

Lynda L on 7/10/13 @ 8:18am

Thank you so much for this information, the dealer here has suggested this machine for me and I love to free motion as well as make the tops by machine. He told me the 9900 was a 8900 with the added embroidery feature. Glad I have not made the switch yet.

b.gottier on 7/19/13 @ 6:40am

Lynda, the 9900 is smaller than the 8900. Make sure to see both machines before making your decision, because for somebody who loves free motion quilting, the 8900 may be a better choice due to it's longer arm length.

Debbie Wilson on 2/18/14 @ 7:59am

I bought mine in late Nov. It isn't my main machine but I absolutely love it.

Vickie Couch on 4/3/14 @ 2:50pm

I was debating which machine to get as my first embroidery machine. I've researched the Janome 350, but I'd love to hear from some ladies who can give me some honest advice. Is the 9900 more than I need? I did go for an in store demo and was very impressed with the stitching. What's the big difference between a 350 and 9900?

b.gottier on 4/3/14 @ 4:31pm

The 9900 is also a sewing machine. The 9900 has a better, faster, and more stable embroidery unit. The 9900 offers a larger embroiderable area. The 9900 isn't something you would quickly outgrow, but the 350 is. If you can afford the 9900 then it's the right one for you.

candlesewer on 5/21/14 @ 3:23am

I purchased the 9900 in January and LOVE it. It is an excellent sewing and embroidery machine. I mostly sew purses and tote bags but have made a few baby quilts and just started a throw quilt. The machine sewing is fantastic as well as the embroidery functions that are built in. The additional feet that are available are so fun to use, the guide foot is great, use the ribbon foot to attach ribbon to purse straps with the decorative stitches. Would highly recommend this machine. Have free motioned quilted with Isacord thread in top and bobbin, sews like a dream. Very happy with purchase and there is nothing I do not like about this machine.

Valerie Wright on 7/29/14 @ 4:23am

Hi, can anyone tell me why the clasp stitch on quilting is not highlighted on screen so I can use it. The free motion icons are lit but not this one. Can anyone tell me what I am not doing please

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