New Janome Sewing Machine – Model DC1050

Janome DC1050Janome has announced 3 new machines this week, and as a Janome dealer, I’m very proud of their hard work. In times when some sewing machine manufacturers are raising prices through the roof, Janome lowers prices, and gives consumers more to choose. In a time when fancy sewing machines can run up over $10,000, Janome still honors their commitment to sewing enthusiasts on a budget.

This great new DC1050 sewing machine offers high level convenience features in an economical model. You’ll find 50 decorative and utility stitches include 3 buttonholes. Easy convenience features include a speed control slider, memorized needle up/down, locking stitch button, and a start/stop button. You’ll also find innovative and convenient needle plate markings to help keep a perfect seam allowance, even when turning corners.

Have you ever owned a sewing machine with a needle threader? The DC1050 has one, and once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. We’re also impressed that this sewing machine has a 7mm maximum stitch width. This wider-than-normal stitch width makes your decorative stitches larger, and that means embellishment that gets noticed.

We haven’t told you everything about the new Janome DC1050, but even if we did, you would really need to sit and sew on it to appreciate the quality that Janome puts into every machine. Come down to Temecula Valley Sewing Center and let us show you that quality.

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Brenda Pacheco on 12/17/10 @ 11:27am

You're absolutely right about the price of some sewing machines being very high! I'll have to come in and see the new Janome if I don't get one for Christmas.

lisa campbell on 12/24/10 @ 3:56pm

I just bought this machine and paid $399. I guessed I was a little ripped off. I am thinking about buying an embroidery machine from this same person, but don't know now that I will. What do you think of the 350E?

b.gottier on 12/24/10 @ 6:28pm

Lisa, sometimes dealers sell machines for higher prices because they are including an extended warranty or mastery classes. We often have more than one price for a machine, so without knowing more about what you got with your machine, I couldn't agree that you got ripped off.

The 350E is a nice embroidery machine. It's easy to use, and is a good machine to start with. We've been selling a package deal with the Digitizer Jr. software, and you should try to see if your local dealer will make a package deal for you.

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