New Support Website for Janome Artistic Sewing Suite

Janome Artistic Sewing SuiteWe are very happy to announce the launch of the support website for one of Janome’s newest products, the Artistic Sewing Suite:

This new website contains a great deal of information on this exciting product, including full project instructions, lessons on product use, and more. Janome will be adding content to the site regularly, so you will want to bookmark the site and check back often! Janome’s technical service and customer relations departments are also linked to the site, and are available to answer any product-related questions you may have.

I’m expecting a lot of interest in this program. Head on over to the new website and see what you think.

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Marti Phelps on 7/11/11 @ 9:10am

Sign me up!!

Sharon L. Sandell on 7/29/11 @ 10:40am

I just installed the suite and am studying the manuals. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to use the needle holder, what the little rule is for, or how to safely get the cutting needles out of the container they come in. Is there a tutorial on the equipment that came in the box?

Terrie on 3/2/17 @ 10:30am

Is artistic suite v6 compatible with windows 10?

linda davis on 8/7/11 @ 7:51pm

I have the software and installed it. It went fine until I realized that I had clicked the button that says, "see all formats". This is where it went wrong. I found out that I wasn't supposed to check that button. So, I uninstalled it and tried it again, and now it says that I need access to the key (which I have) or contact support personnel. I have removed it, and tried to download it several times. When it says I need access to the key I click OK and it says, "rolling back action" and it does just that. Then says, "click finish" which I do and it disappears. I have turned off all anti virus stuff and everything. I hope you can help me. Thanks, Linda

b.gottier on 8/9/11 @ 11:08am

Hi Linda, I think the type of technical support you need goes beyond the type of problems that we have been trained to help with. I think your best option is to contact Janome directly.

Sharon Sandell, MD on 1/12/13 @ 8:45pm

I am still trying to figure out how to get the cutting needles out of their packaging without destroying them. I usually figure things out readily, but I am not having any luck at all (nor has anyone I've asked to help me, even the guy who owns the sewing machine store closest to me). I was overjoyed to see Designs in Machine Embroidery finally publish an article that used the Artistic Sewing Suite and the cutting needles and it was very helpful. It would be very helpful if someone at this site could, please, explain how to use the small, plastic device that apparently is used to insert the needles. I love this software, but have been waiting patiently for over a year to have someone respond to my question. This is the first time I've been so totally stumped by a gadget and I cannot begin to try the cutting software until I get the cutting needles out of the container they came in--if I force one out, it is going to break and there has to be some trick that is so obvious that I'm totally missing it. Please?

freda weigand on 1/13/13 @ 6:52am

I purchased this software a year ago now. I played with it quite a bit and went to a few classes locally. Recently reinstalled it again, and its like starting all over again, but thank heavens for video instruction demos.

Doris Alvarez on 7/20/13 @ 11:33pm

I have the Artistic Crystals V.6.0 and the silhouette cameo. I just finished a crystal design for a giraffe embroidery design by Hatched in Africa. I am not sure why this happened but a portion of the crystals were never cut. They were obvious on the screen but when I put it through the cutter, They were never cut. Can anyone tell me what happened?

Vivian Ward on 7/31/14 @ 2:37pm

I need help in viewing my designs. I only get an icon or number of the design but nothing opens to view the design. I have windows 8 so I don't believe its my computer. Please help.

Nicola on 7/14/16 @ 4:32am

How do I save a completed embroidery design to multiple formats all at the same time in artistic suite?

DHall on 9/8/19 @ 8:31pm

I cannot get Artistic suite v6 to transfer embroidery files to my elna expressive 970 via cable.

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