Problem With Embroidery File Name Length for Janomes

Janome 350e Embroidery MachineOf all the blog posts that we have written, one stands as our most popular, and receives frequent comments. That blog post, Getting That Embroidery Design To Your Janome, was actually one of our very first blog posts. This week one of our blog readers left a comment regarding her Janome 300e embroidery machine, and a problem she was having regarding some of her designs not showing up on her machine. Here is a copy of her comment:

It is very kind of you to furnish this information. I have had a Janome 300e for almost 7 years, and it stitches beautifully. I do know to put the designs in the emb5 folder; however, some designs are read in the machine perfectly while others are rejected as damaged files for no apparent reason. They are seen on my computer and on my CF cards but not on the 300e. I have struggled with this for perhaps the past 3 years and had had no help. It is extremely frustrating. Do you or anyone else have any suggestions?

My initial thought was that there was a circuit board issue, or that perhaps she just needed to try a different CF card, but when I responded, she replied with more information, and it was obvious that the designs were corrupt or had something wrong with them. I asked her to send me the designs so I could troubleshoot the issue, but she figured out the problem, and shared the solution with me.

Apparently, at least on 300e and 350e Janome embroidery machines, the design file’s name cannot be longer than 8 characters. So if you are having problems seeing some of your designs, try changing the design file’s name to something less than 8 characters.

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Derla Lehnherr on 7/14/13 @ 8:07pm

Re the number of letters in the title of a file: I have a Janome 350E and some of the titles of the files are quite long -- it seems to make no difference if the titles are over 8 letters. But if I have a problem, that is one of the first things I will experiment with.

b.gottier on 7/19/13 @ 6:36am

Hi Derla. I haven't done any real testing with this issue. Perhaps the problem is space characters or some other characters. Please report back if you discover something!

lmfoley on 11/3/13 @ 10:33am

I have downloaded 3 designs from a site I have used quite a few times, but these last 3 will not work. The machine keeps saying "not enough memory", and cannot save file. It's on a USB stick. I have taken all my saved files off the machine, and its back to default settings, but it still says I cannot save. Could anyone help me understand why this is happening? Thank you, Lynda

b.gottier on 11/9/13 @ 1:25pm

Can you tell us what machine you have, where you bought the designs, and what format the designs are in?

Chris crouch on 2/14/14 @ 10:52pm

I also am having the same problem my Janome 350e is saying "not enough memory" and cannot save file. I brought new USB sticks and deleted all my saved files on the machine also. I have had the machine about 14 months and not had this problem before. No one else in our town has this machine so I would appreciate it if any one knows a solution. Thanks Chris

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