Resurgence of Garment Construction and a New Concealed Zipper Foot

Janome Concealed Zipper FootIn the last year or so we have seen a resurgence in sewing, and garment making has become increasingly popular.  Back in the old days we constructed our own garments, not because we wanted a great fit, and not because we were concerned about garment construction, but because we could not afford to have a wardrobe the size of our imaginations.  Let’s face it, years ago, it was far less expensive to make a garment than it was to purchase a garment “off the rack.”

Today, it’s so easy to go to a store and buy a pair of pants or a shirt, and often any garment can be purchased for much less than if I made it myself. So why sew? I have a couple of reasons that mean a lot to me. First, because most of the garment manufacturing is outsourced, and because the garments are mass produced, they just don’t receieve the attention that I would give one of my own garments. The quality and durability just isn’t there. Secondly, I think we need to continue to teach sewing and be able to sew. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone in the United States stopped sewing? We need to be self sufficient and not have to rely on other countries for our sewing needs, even if it means paying a little more.

Some time in the 1970’s, a new style of zipper was introduced to the home garment maker; it was a concealed zipper, although we commonly referred to it as an invisible zipper. That zipper was great! Except for the zipper pull, the invisible zipper looked like any other seam within the garment.

Proper Installation of a concealed zipper in a garment has always required the purchase of a special presser foot.  The original concealed zipper feet were pretty flimsy. I remember purchasing those feet several times because they would crack and break very easily. I got to a point where one of these feet broke, and I stopped installing concealed zippers. What’s worse is that I stopped making garments, along with the multitudes, and boasted about how many inexpensive garments I had purchased at the 1-day sale from my local department store.

Recently, there seems to be a renewed interest in garment sewing, and I happened upon, quite by accident, an awesome concealed zipper foot. I found a concealed zipper foot on Janome’s website, and I ordered a few. The foot only fits low shank type machines, but what’s great is that it will fit any low shank type machine, and it doesn’t have to be a Janome! The foot is difficult to describe, but you can see how great it is in the photo above.

For you Janome owners that don’t have a low shank machine, there is an available concealed zipper foot for you, but it’s not plastic, so you won’t have the great visibility while sewing like the new concealed zipper foot. So you Bernina owners don’t cry, don’t worry, Bernina makes one for you too.

The beauty of this concealed zipper foot is that the furrows in the foot grab and hold the teeth of the zipper making installation of the zipper a breeze. The part of the foot with the furrows is plastic, which makes for superior visibility when placement of the needle in relation to the zipper’s teeth is critical.

If you’re ready to install a concealed zipper, and you don’t have an adequate foot for the installation, I know you will love the Janome concealed zipper foot as much as I do. Come in to Temecula Valley Sewing Center today to get yours.

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