Speciality Bobbin Cases

Bernina & Janome Specialty Bobbin CasesTemecula Valley Sewing Center knows that many of you use your sewing machines for multiple purposes, i.e. garment making & quilting, home decorating & machine embroidery, or sewing & bobbin play, and many of you have only one bobbin case to accomplish these tasks. Sewing machine manufacturers do produce special bobbin cases to provide greater flexibility for our tasks/projects, and both Janome and Bernina have specialty type bobbin cases available for most of their machines.

Bernina Bobbin Case Types

  • Black Latch
  • Gold Latch (sometimes called Pigtail)
  • Chrome Plated

Janome Bobbin Case Types

  • Low Tension (blue arrow)
  • Standard Tension (red arrow)

For far too long, you may have relied on modifying your upper tension to perfect the stitches for your projects, but sometimes the stitch may have looked better if you had a looser or tighter bobbin tension! For those who are adventurous, turning the tension screw on the bobbin case can loosen or tighten the lower tension, but often times these adjustments aren’t easily reset.  Because there are specialty type bobbin cases, you no longer need to fiddle around with bobbin case, and that means you don’t have to worry about what your stitch will look like when you change from one type of project to another.

Perhaps you own brand of sewing machine for which a low-tension bobbin case is not available.  I have a solution for you.  Purchase a second bobbin case from your sewing machine dealer, adjust it for your low-tension work, and mark it so you know which bobbin case to use when quilting, embroidering, or playing with decorative thread in the bobbin. Marking the bobbin case is as easy as applying some paint or nail polish to the bobbin case, and having that extra bobbin case means your standard tension bobbin case maintains the tension setting that you should use for most sewing projects.

When we service sewing machines at Temecula Valley Sewing Center, the bobbin cases are precisely tensioned with weights or springs. Even for experienced sewing machine technicians, there’s no way to properly tension a bobbin case without the right tool for the job. Some bobbin case tensions are effected by turns as little as a couple of degrees, so you might remember that they specialty type bobbin cases exist the next time you feel like turning that tension screw.

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Reader Comments (7)

Sarah on 4/24/11 @ 8:03am

I wish I would have seen this last week. I spent hours trying to get my Bernina working.

Sally butler on 3/28/13 @ 12:04am

Do you have a gold latch bobbin case for sale that will fit a bernina 180? Thanks

b.gottier on 3/28/13 @ 2:33pm

Hi Sally. We do have one in stock right now. If you'd like to purchase it and have it sent to you, please call the shop (951) 694-9576.

Rbotchlet on 10/21/13 @ 5:20am

I am looking for an Bernina tension spring bobbin case #0305687100.
Do you have one in stock, and if so can you please tell me how much?


b.gottier on 10/22/13 @ 7:35pm

Robin, we are no longer a Bernina dealer. You should contact your local Bernina dealer for the bobbin case.

Ana Walsh on 2/4/16 @ 8:14pm

Do you still have a gold latch bobbin? If you, I would like to order 1 please. And how much is it? An you send it to Indonesia by courier?

b.gottier on 2/8/16 @ 2:43pm

I'm sorry Ana, we no longer have the gold latch bobbin cases.

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