The Elna Star – A Janome Jem Platinum 720 Sewing Machine Alternative

Elna Star Sewing MachineMany years ago Janome introduced its Jem Series sewing machines. First came the Jem 639, then we saw the Jem 659, the 661- Gold, Gold 1, 2, and 3, the Jem Silver, and the Jem Gold+, They were all just 12 pounds, and each was mechanical (non-computerized) sewing machine.

The Jem Platinum 720 and 760, and the AQS2009 models were introduced years later. These sewing machines were significantly improved, were computerized machines, had needle up/down ability, were able to drop their feed dogs, and the best feature of the Jem Platinum’s and the AQS2009, was their weight… still 12 pounds!

The computerized models had a great run, but like the old saying goes, “All good things must come to an end,” and the Jem Platinum machines are not currently available for dealers to purchase from Janome America. We don’t know if the Jem Platinum machines are gone forever, but we were told that the machines had been out of stock for quite some time, with no due-in date. We were set to go into “Panic” mode, but then we remembered that last year Janome introduced the the Elna Star for Elna. Except for the styling of the machine, the Elna Star IS Janome’s alternative/replacement for the Jem Platinum 720.

Yes, you read that correctly. We said “Janome’s alternative/replacement”. In case you didn’t know, Elna is made by Janome.

The Elna Star is perfect for taking to classes. It is also great when space is an issue. Has your physician ordered you to limit your lifting weight to 20 pounds? The Elna Star is the same size, weight (12lbs), and shape as the retired Jem Platinum 720. The Elna Star may be small, but it is definitely mighty.

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Jacqueline Tarleton on 1/27/18 @ 5:27pm

Hi all. I am torn between the Janome brand Elna Star and the Janome brand New Home Jem. Is there a difference in the motors?

b.gottier on 1/27/18 @ 6:45pm

As far as I know, the motors would be the same.

Marianne Kuiper Milks on 1/29/19 @ 4:54pm

I am baffled: I have had myone Elna since the 1960s, and the other since 1976. Janome??? Janome is a Japanese machine, Elna is European. Perhaps the US dealer imports/distributes both? I know the distributors in Dubai carry both and many other brands and that may be a confusion? BTW: my 1976 machine _they're like lead- is in MINT condition, all pieces, booklets all are included. Interested, anyone? All metal, grey-blue metal case.

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