The New Janome MC 9400 Has A Third Needle Plate

Janome MC 9400 Quarter Inch Needle PlateLast Monday I attended a Janome dealer meeting in Long Beach, and we were introduced to Janome’s new Memory Craft 9400 QCP sewing machine. Since I have attended so many dealer meetings and training conferences over the years, I’m not always thrilled with the new features and accessories that a sewing machine manufacturer thinks will “make my life easier.” Let’s face it, I sew or quilt daily, so I know when something will save me time, make something easier to do, or when something will give me new power to rule the universe.

Three Needle Plates Included!

Besides the standard zig-zag needle plate and usual straight stitch needle plate, the Memory Craft 9400 now comes with a new scant quarter inch needle plate!

Janome MC 9400 Quarter Inch Needle Plate and FootThe dealer meeting was long. When we finally got to the point where we started learning about the new Janome 9400, that’s when the real fun began. My interest was piqued with the introduction of Janome’s NEW straight-stitch needle plate and scant 1/4″ foot. When you want or need the accuracy of a 1/4″ seam without sacrificing the quality of the straight stitch, only with the MC 9400 machine will you be able to “have your cake and eat it too”. I was sewing on the MC 9400 the entire afternoon and marvelled at how quiet it was. For me, though, the new 3rd needle plate and its scant 1/4″ foot was my favorite new feature.

Janome MC 9400 Quarter Inch FootChanging needle plates on the Janome Memory Craft 9400 is super easy. There is a lever on the arm of the machine, and a simple push down releases the needle plate. Move the needle plate out from under the presser foot, and then place the chosen needle plate in position. All that’s left to do is push the needle plate down until it snaps into its locked position. When the new straight stitch needle plate is used, the machine senses that it is the chosen needle plate, and moves the needle right where it needs to be. The 9400 recognizes only 4 stitches with the new HP plate.

Janome provides a special quarter inch foot for use with this new needle plate. Unlike the standard “O” foot or scant “O2″ foot, this quarter inch foot does not have a guide blade on the side. I know some people like the guide blade, but I prefer to piece my blocks without it. When I am creating half-square triangles, I, like many, make my units by placing a background square of fabric, right sides together, with my contrasting fabric. I draw a diagonal line through the center of the background block, and then stitch 1/4″ from the drawn line. When the quarter-inch foot has a guide, how does one decide where to place the foot on the fabric? With Janome’s new scant 1/4” foot, merely place the edge of the foot on the drawn line, or at the the edge of two fabrics, and voile’ you have created a perfect scant quarter-inch seem.

Come in for a test drive on the new MC 9400. Pricing of this machine is not allowed on the internet, but our introductory price is worth a trip to Temecula Valley Sewing Center.

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Reader Comments (8)

Janice Steiner on 6/19/16 @ 6:36am

Will this foot and plate be available for use on other MC machines, like the 12000?

b.gottier on 6/19/16 @ 3:43pm

Not likely. If I remember correctly there are special sensors that indicate which plate is on the machine, and the 12000 wouldn't be compatible.

Janiceanne on 7/7/16 @ 1:15pm

Just bought my 9400 today. How can I tell the foot plates apart?

Lyndol Taylor on 2/2/17 @ 8:00am

I bought a 9400 at the Houston Quilt Festival and I appreciate the explanation of the HP foot plate and scant 1/4" foot. Thanks!

Toni Stolich on 1/25/18 @ 4:21pm

This foot shows up on the Janome website as an optional accessory for the MC15000

b.gottier on 1/27/18 @ 3:30pm

Yes, well the new version of the 15000, the "Quiltmaker" comes with it. The foot and the third needle plate are available as a kit for older versions of the 15000.

Elaine Layton on 4/15/18 @ 8:02pm

Will this foot work with the 8900 machine?

b.gottier on 4/15/18 @ 10:03pm

Sorry Elaine, unless I'm mistaken, this foot will not work with the Janome 8900 sewing machine.

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