The New Janome Memory Craft 12000

Janome MC12000

First, I’d like to start off saying that we don’t really know if Janome’s new top of the line (TOL) machine is going to be called the Memory Craft 12000. Janome is really good at keeping secrets when it comes to their new machines. What we do know is that Janome will start sharing some images on this website, and tease us until the new machine comes out on September 3rd.

New images of the “MC12000” will be added to the site two times per week, on Tuesday and Thursday, until the dealer launch of the machine at Institute in Orlando, Florida.

After the introduction of the machine to dealers at Institute, consumers who have registered on the website will receive a special link via email, so that they can watch a reveal video and learn more about this amazing new machine.

Only 59 days until we get to see the new Janome TOL machine! Don’t you wish you could go with us?

Wild Guesses & Rumors

I’ve heard lots of rumors about features of the new “MC12000”. Some are saying that the price is going to be close to $9,600 USD. I’ve said that I’m expecting something like a cross between the MC11000 and a Horizon. What have you heard?

Janome TOL DialToday I noticed that the Janome teaser site is showing that the new machine will have a selection dial like the Horizon. Perhaps my educated guess about the new machine being a cross between the MC11000 and a Horizon is going to be more than a guess.

I think it’s going to be fun to check the teaser site each week and see all of the little clues about the new machine.

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Jeanne on 7/13/11 @ 9:08am

It would be nice to know what features this machine will have with regard to embroidery, hoop sizes, embroidery arm and quilting features as I am considering a Viking Diamond Deluxe mostly because of the embroidery features. I currently have a Janome 10001. Didn't upgrade to the Janome 11000 because the hoops sizes weren't significantly different. But my decision will need to be made by July 31st as this is the end of the promotion of 36-month wo/interest and a special pricing from the dealership I have been working with to narrow down my choices. Hope someone can give me a little more info but I am sure this is doubtful!

Macscotter on 9/6/11 @ 5:10am

Jeanne, I would wait for the new Janome if you haven't already purchased the Designer Diamond Deluxe. The quality and durability of Janome machines is much better. Janome is great at consistency. They may have been behind on the embroidery market for the past several years, but when they push through a new product, they make it the best. I love Viking products, but the quality is not consistent as they used to be. I have a few friends, all owning Diamond machines and they all needed warranty work within the first 2 years of purchase. That's not consistency. I wish you the best in whatever you decided. If you can, wait for the Janome. You will be happy you did.

b.gottier on 7/13/11 @ 10:45am

Jeanne, I can tell you that nobody outside of Janome is going to know this information by July 31st. Even Janome regional managers won't have this info until the week before Janome Institute. I believe you can count on the new machine being the best, because Janome really does their homework. Being patient and waiting for another finance offer may be your best option.

Janet on 7/19/11 @ 11:32am

Just because the way Janome is wording the promos and the cutesy references to the horizon in your future, etc. I think the name of the machine is going to be the journey and not the 12000.

chris on 9/4/11 @ 10:25am

Its called the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 and it's $[removed] with all software. It's $[removed] without. I work at the convention they're showing it at.

b.gottier on 9/5/11 @ 2:47pm

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to post the sales price of this machine on our website, and I don't want to break the rules, so I had to edit your comment.

Rose on 9/5/11 @ 12:17pm

Just saw the video webcast on the new Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000. It is awesome. Some features I really want: FREE ARM Embroidery. Variable Stitch width control with your knee while doing free motion embroidery. The rest of the features I already have in one form or another, including the stitch creator. I have a pfaff 2170 and a VIking Diamond upgraded to latest firmware.

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