Janome Free Motion Convertible Foot (3 pc set)

Janome Free Motion Quilting Foot Set - 202002004

Learning to free motion quilt is often frustrating. The traditional free motion feet tend to “bounce” or “hop” and free motion quilting feels “jerked.” Traditional free motion feet also require your machine to have the ability to raise the pressure of the presser foot. With the Janome Free Motion Convertible foot, no longer does a machine need adjustable foot pressure. With a screw at the side of the foot, you have the ability to raise (or lower) the pressure of the presser foot depending on the thickness of the project being quilted. The best part of all of this is, the Janome Free Motion Convertible foot hovers over the project. No bouncing and no hopping, just smooth free motion quilting.

Please call Temecula Valley Sewing Center during normal business hours if you would like to confirm this foot will fit a specific sewing machine.

Here is a partial list of sewing machines that this foot fits:

4120QDC, Hello Kitty 13512, Hello Kitty 14412, Hello Kitty 15312, 5812, 8077, 41012, 49018, 49360, 128, DC2012, DC2014, DC3050, DC4030P, JW5622, JW7630, DC2015, Schoolmate S-7330, MC6500P, 6300P, Schoolmate S-3015, Classmate S-750, 712T, Hello Kitty 11706, Jem Gold 660, JNH 720, Jem Platinum 760, Sewist 500, HD3000, HD1000, Magnolia 7325, Magnolia 7318, Hello Kitty 15822, MyStyle100, 2222, 2212, 2206, DC1018, DC1050, Hello Kitty 18750, Magnolia 7330, Magnolia 7360, DC2013, DC5100, JNH2030DC, 3160QDC

This product is only available in store. Check availability by calling during normal business hours. (951) 694-9576

Product Details

  • Brand: Janome
  • Model / Name: Free Motion Covertible Foot
  • Product Number: 202002004
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