Janome Ribbon Sewing Guide

Janome Ribbon Sewing Guide - 200444408

Create your own one-of-a-kind ribbon with the Ribbon Sewing Guide. Create original ribbons with decorative stitching or the lettering mode in your machine, to adorn anything from craft items and clothing, to hair bows and towels. The Ribbon Sewing Guide’s design ensures easy attachment to your machine, automatic centering, and perfect control.

This Janome accessory attaches to many Janome sewing machines by means of accessory mounting holes that are located in the needle plate or arm of the machine. Here is a partial list of machines that this accessory will fit:

MC11000, JNH7700, MC6600P, MC6500P, 6300P, Schoolmate S-3015, Classmate S-750, 712T, Jem Gold 660, JNH 720, Jem Platinum 760, Sewist 500, HD3000, Magnolia 7325, Magnolia 7318, Hello Kitty 15822, MyStyle100, DC1018, DC1050, Hello Kitty 18750, Magnolia 7330, Magnolia 7360, DC2013, DC5100, JNH2030DC, 3160QDC, 4120QDC, 5812, 8077, 49018, 49360, DC2012, DC2014, DC3050, DC4030P, JW7630, Skyline S5, DC2015, Schoolmate S-7330

If you’re not sure if this accessory will fit your Janome sewing machine model, please call Temecula Valley Sewing Center during normal business hours, and we will let you know. (951) 694-9576

This product is only available in store. Check availability by calling during normal business hours. (951) 694-9576

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  • Brand: Janome
  • Model / Name: Ribbon Sewing Guide
  • Product Number: 200444408
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