Legacy Bamboo Batting from Pellon

Bamboo BattingA few years ago I discovered bamboo batting. I had been making a quilt with silk dupioni, and I fretted over what batting to use. I had always used either 100% cotton batting, or a cotton/poly blend, as these two options, in my opinion, always provided the most favorable results for my projects. I really wanted to use silk batting for my quilt, but the price of silk batting was just too expensive! Silk batting would have added $100 to the cost of my project, and my decision to use something else was easy to make. There was no way I was going to spring for the silk batting, and presumed my options were limited to a very thin cotton batting.

When I think of bamboo, I don’t relate it to something soft. I think of bamboo as stiff, rigid, and unwieldy, but I felt bamboo batting for the first time, I was surprised at how soft it was. I had to try it! The bamboo batting was considerably less expensive than the silk, and it provided me with the look and drape I was wanting to achieve. It was also affordable and it laundered beautifully. At the time, bamboo batting was only sold by the package, and sizes were limited. I opted for a king size batting, and used that one particular package of batting for three throws (one being my silk quilt), and four wall hangings.

Recently, while browsing for new products to bring in to Temecula Valley Sewing Center, I found the batting section of one of my distributors, and happened to notice Legacy Bamboo Batting, from Pellon … on a roll … by the yard! I don’t know if our present economy has effected a decline in the price of bamboo, but the price of 50/50 bamboo batting is now on par with 100% cotton batting.

I ordered a roll of  the Legacy bamboo batting for the store, and it arrived on Tuesday. Our roll is 96″ wide, and 30-yards in length.  If you make baby quilts, 1-3/4 yards, cut in half at the fold, will nicely yield two quilts. For larger quilts, the 96″ width may easily be used as the length of a quilt, the width of an over-sized queen quilt, or placed however you decide within, and for, your project.

A great feature of the Legacy bamboo batting is its stability and its durability in quilting. The label states “quilting distance 6″ to 8″ apart.”  Perhaps that distance is due to the cotton connection, I can’t say. I do know that I love this batting. If you have never tried bamboo batting, you ought to treat yourself. You may like it so much that you’ll never go back to the other fibers of batting.

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