Elna’s Trio of Fun Sewing Machines

Elna Sew Green, Sew Zebra, and Sew Fun Sewing Machines

Elna has recently introduced a couple of fun variations of their Sew Fun sewing machine. There is now a Sew Green and a Sew Zebra, because sometimes you just need to have more fun.

The Sew Green and the Sew Zebra are exactly the same machine as the Sew Fun, except for the graphics on the front. All three machines have 14 stitches, and a manual buttonholer. As these are geared towards beginners and kids, there are not a bunch of fancy features, and that also means that the price is very low. Perhaps you have a daughter or grand-daughter who would like to learn how to sew? See our Elna Sew Fun product page for more details.

Sew Green

Elna Sew Green Sewing Machine

Sew Zebra

Elna Sew Zebra Sewing Machine

Sew Fun

Elna Sew Fun Sewing Machine

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Nigel Stones on 7/20/18 @ 10:41pm

The machines are quite really good. And very fun looking also. can we know about the price and features of these machines?

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