Huck Toweling new to TVSC

A few days ago we received a bolt of Huck toweling.  You might say to yourself, “What the heck is Huck?”  I wasn’t sure myself.  I knew that many people have praised the absorbency of Huck towels, but until I actually touched and felt the toweling, I was only guessing.

For many years, we carried tea towels.  Over the years, the prices crept progressively higher due to the price of cotton.  Recently we were notified that the price of cotton had risen 80%…nearly over night, and we have already seen our costs of yardage increase.  The same price increase is expected for tea towels.   While it is fun to embroider, or otherwise embellish towels, a jump in the price of tea towels to $6.00 or $7.00 each, is becoming a shocking reality.

While I admit that while toweling fabric requires hemming to make a towel, not only is it still a bargain to make the towels, I can make my towels any length I choose.  Because the sides of the fabric are finished, a simple hem at each end is all that is required to finish the towels.  I can make two towels for just slightly more than the current price of one finished tea towel…and I am all for saving money when I can.  If I cut 3/4 of a yard of toweling and double hem (1/2″) the ends, my finished towel is 16″ wide and 25″ long.  For me, the size is perfect!  If you wanted to embellish a towel and use it for decoration, or to hang it in a powder room for guests, 2/3 of a yard (24″) would still give you a decent sized towel to accent that room.

While all of the towels I have hemmed and embellished include machine embroidery appliqué, I am eager make additional towels and embellish one or more with machine embroidered redwork.  I am confident that the redwork will be a smashing success on the Huck toweling.

I selected a different stabilizer for each towel I embellished, just to see if any particular stabilizer made a difference in the result I achieved.  I used a heavy weight tearaway (OESD’s Heavy Tearaway,)  a heavy cut away (OESD’s Heavy Cutaway,) and a fibrous wash away (OESD’s AquaMesh.)   In reality, each stabilizer performed beautifully and I was satisfied with the results on each towel.  Because, and only because, cut away stabilizer is my favorite type, I will continue to use OESD’s Heavy Cutaway.  You would want to test your favorite stabilizers and compare the results for yourself.

I am not sure if Huck toweling is available in any color other than white, but I do like the while toweling.  I can tea dye it if I want a different, more primitive, effect or look.  Although my current supplier carries only white, if the Huck toweling is available in additional colors, we will bring more of the toweling into the store.

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Carol Whiddon on 7/29/13 @ 7:34pm

If you get huck toweling in any colors other than white, I would be thrilled and would buy a lot of it! I used to do a lot of Swedish embroidery on huck towels and give them as gifts. I still have some that I did for myself, and the colors I have are mint green, medium blue, light pink, light chocolate brown, and lavender. I gave towels as gifts in other colors and remember the fun I had picking the floss or Perle cotton colors to go with the towel colors. I've recently started doing Swedish embroidery again and have had no luck finding any huck toweling locally, and only a little luck finding it online...and then, only in white. I may have to resort to dying the fabric, but I've never done that and don't know what kind of results I would get. So, if you do find the toweling in other colors, please broadcast it to the skies and I will happily buy as much as I can afford!

Kathy Disbrow on 12/2/17 @ 7:07am

Would you be willing to give me the name of your supplier? I usually buy 50 yard bolts but have been unable to find them lately.

Diane Sobotik on 3/28/18 @ 9:55am

I made towels to donate to our Church auction for several years and bought Huck toweling by the 50yd bolt. That way I could keep the cost per towel to about a buck. I can no longer find it anywhere. Can you please tell me where you found it?'

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