I Love Old Sewing Machines

Singer Featherweight 221JThere is something about an old sewing machine that appeals to me, especially if I’m looking at one that is in near perfect condition. If I had to guess, I think some people will buy a sewing machine and they never use it. For whatever reason, it gets put in a closet, or in the garage, and there it sits for decades.

We had a customer bring in a Canadian Singer Featherweight 221J this week. It looked so amazing, I thought I’d share a few pictures with you.

This machine is a creamy tan color. With the exception of a scratch that somebody touched up, I couldn’t find anything worn or used looking on this machine. If you were here looking at this machine with me, you’d think it was brand new.

See the rest of the photos of this Singer Featherweight 221J on our Facebook page: CLICK HERE

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