New Horn Cabinets with Electric Lift

Horn of America - Lifetime WarrantyTemecula Valley Sewing Center has received notice from Horn of America today that they have four new cabinets scheduled for shipment in late Spring.  Three of the models come equipped with a new electric lift, and those electric lift models come standard with a six (6) outlet power supply.

Elite Model 5278 is the Deluxe Sewing Machine & Serger Cabinet PLUS Electric Lift.  Elite Model 5280 is the Super Quilter’s Dream Plus Electric Lift.  Elite Model 5680 has no cute name, but it is a taller model than the other two models and is paired nicely with the Horn drafting chair.

For years we have enjoyed Horn sewing furniture with their wonderful adjustable air lift.  With the new “Whisper Quiet” Electric Lift, Horn has taken adjustable tables to a whole new level.  Horn’s projected availability for the three new “Elite” line models is mid-April, 2011.  The 3 new Elite models feature Horn’s NEW “Whisper Quiet” Electric Lift and deluxe soft closing drawers.  The new electric lift system was developed and assembled by Horn’s staff in their West Virginia facility. These new cabinets will be manufactured in Horn’s Canadian factory and shipped to the West Virginia facility where the Electric Lift will be installed and checked.

Along with the three new Elite line models, Horn has released a new Model 2500 Multi-Lift table, with a new manual height adjustment system. This table features many of the same features as Model 6000, but with a much less expensive manual lift system.  The 2500 is operated by a hand crank system that can be used from the right or left side and makes height adjustment very smooth and simple with minimal effort.  Model 2500 is 60″ wide and 29″ deep.  The new 2500 Multi-Lift table is ideal for those who want the height adjustment capabilities of the Model 6000, but who may not have the budget for that type of expense.

Although the new cabinets are not available until late Spring, we do have a brochure showing the new models.  We are also taking advance orders for the cabinets, at special introductory pricing, so you can be the first in your sewing/quilting group to acquire one.

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ROBERT LINGLE on 12/12/13 @ 9:21am

I would like to purchase the whisper quite electric lift to install in my
old cabinet, is it available?

b.gottier on 12/16/13 @ 5:47pm

Robert, Horn does sell the lifts by themselves. Please call the shop during normal business hours for a quote. (951) 694-9576

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