New Pattern – Jolly Christmas Stocking

Jolly Christmas Stocking

Jolly Christmas Stocking

I have been working on a new pattern for Christmas stockings, and finally finished it today. For quite some time I’ve been looking at other stocking patterns, and most that I have seen were nontraditional, weird sizes, or just plain ugly! I decided Christmas stockings should, and could, be festive AND traditional. No elf toes for me.

While the stockings are absolutely fine without embroidery, Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design came out with new Christmas collections and I thought I would incorporate some of these designs in the stockings I made as samples. The embroidery motif’s gave these samples a little “something special”. Another thing I did that made my stockings special was that I decided to split the cuff (you know, where the name usually goes,) and add some GIANT rickrack. I usually shy away from rickrack, not just because it sometimes buckles and looks nasty, but because it is so 1950’s and I never liked working with it or wearing it a half-century ago. So, with the giant rickrack between the split of the cuff, I tacked it down. I was thrilled with the result. I also added the giant rickrack (tacked down) to the toe and heel. I have just three words for the finished stockings… A-ma-zing.

Perfect for Christmas

The size of the stockings are easily enlarged or reduced. The stocking graphic comes in the pattern, on its own very large sheet of paper…in its full size. Fabric requirements and complete instructions for construction are also included. All of this for only $6.99! The patterns are available now, so check in with the shop if you would like to purchase one, or go to the Jolly Christmas Stocking order page and order one right now.

I will offering a stocking making class/workshop. The workshop will be $18.00 with the pattern included. The date and time of the class is Wednesday, November 10, 2010, from 5:30PM – 8:30PM. This class is early enough in the year that you will have plenty of time to make many stockings in time for Christmas. If you choose not to embroider your stocking, try using some great Christmas fabric. Whatever you choose, the stockings are sure to bring cheer to your special holiday.

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