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sullivans-cutting-edge-ruler-smIn last week’s newsletter, we had reported news of the new rulers we had ordered, and how we had been waiting for them to arrive. Sullivans, The Cutting Edge, rulers arrived yesterday afternoon and guess who opened one and began a test drive? I couldn’t wait! I tore off the wrappings, added a Safety Shield and I was in business…or so I thought As it turns out, the Diamond Powder Sharpening Edge is on only the right side of the ruler. Being left handed, not only was I was a bit disappointed, I had to hurry and remove the safety shield before the glue set, plant it on the right side, and hope it would stick. As a left-hander operating in a right handed world, this was just one more hurdle to scale. Actually, I really don’t have any complaints about the rulers. I read upside down quite well, thank you very much. We “lefties” are really quite clever.

I do like the sizes of these rulers. I opened a long one, 6.5″ x 24.5.” I also have 6.5″ x 18.5″ and 6.5″ x 12.5.” Before we bring the 6.5″ or the 12.5″ squares in, I will check to see if the sharpening edge is on two sides or only one. We often actually use the square rulers to “square up” blocks. (What a concept.) If the sharpening edge is on only one side, I think the squares we already carry, or that you already own, will work adequately. If the sharpening edge is on two sides (one side and the top or bottom edges,) we will stock these squares as well.

I do like the idea of sharpening the blade of my rotary cutter as I cut. Whether I use a 28mm, 45mm, or 60mm blade, the sharpening edge of The Cutting Edge Ruler will keep my blade sharper longer. For your information, there is no dust or residue left on your fabric or the cutting mat from the sharpening edge.

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Sally Ricketson on 1/5/11 @ 1:43pm

So, after using the Cutting Edge ruler for awhile, what do you think about the sharpening feature? Maybe I'm using it wrong, but after swiping my rotary cutter against it a few time, my cutter stopped cutting!! Dulled it right up. Should I be leaning the blade toward the strip or away from the strip? What am I doing wrong? Thanks Sally

b.gottier on 1/9/11 @ 8:31am

Well, the sharpening feature is what makes these rulers special. We have been using one at our cutting station since the blog post, and Aileen says that the blade had been staying sharp. We do a lot of cutting at this station, so for it to be staying sharp is a powerful testimony to the ruler's effectiveness. You shouldn't be leaning the blade one way or the other. Just cut as you normally would. Perhaps your blade was already damaged before using it with the Cutting Edge ruler?

Mary on 7/9/11 @ 4:05pm

I had the same problem with blades being completely dull after using the ruler. Ruined 2 blades - don't know why.

Cheryl on 9/15/13 @ 4:55pm

I was so excited, so the first chance I had I bought one. When I first started using it is was okay. But half way through cutting out a baby blanket it started dulling the blades, to the point they won't even cut through a single layer of fabric. I thought the first one had something wrong, I ended up totally destroying 4 brand new blades before I went back to my old rulers. All 4 blades were used to cut to strips of fabric and then they were totally unusable!

b.gottier on 9/16/13 @ 9:16am

Hi Cheryl. We used The Cutting Edge Ruler at our fabric counter for a few months, which sees a lot more fabric cutting than the average customer. In theory the ruler would sharpen the blade, but just like a knife sharpener or scissor sharpener, the angle of the blade is critical to a successful sharpening. That said, I'm not convinced that the benefit (if any) of using these rulers was significant, but it was worth a try.

MaryAnne Kennedy on 12/14/16 @ 2:07am

I have two of these rulers and love them, but not because of the sharpening edge. I love how easy they are to read!

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