The New Beginning Sewing Project

Beginning Sewing ClassFor many years, Aileen has taught a beginning sewing series as a 10-week project. For all those years, the same project was presented. The series was based on the pattern/booklet Pajama Party from Taylor Made Designs. In January 2016, we learned that the pattern maker had discontinued the amazing pajama set pattern. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, we could no longer teach the class using that pattern.

What to do, what to do? In scouring the internet and other pattern purchasing possibilities, Aileen thought she would use a new pajama pant pattern from Taylor Made Designs, and add a robe, also from Taylor Made Designs, so that’s how we thought the new Beginning Sewing series would proceed.

In February, Aileen cut the pajama pants and knew she wanted to make modifications. She still wasn’t thrilled with the Robe pattern. Our goal is to teach our students the basics of sewing, help them complete the garments and prepare them for reading and understanding the instructions of other patterns to propel them forward. The robe pattern was too challenging to present to beginning students, so Aileen continued to look for a suitable pattern.

After postponing Beginning Sewing for so many months, Aileen learned she was going to need a knee replacement. Who would want to go forward with a 10-week series knowing there is a possibility that a knee replacement could interfere with the series? Who would want to go forward knowing there could a substantial delay in the completion of the series? The series was again postponed.

Forever seeking the perfect pajama pattern, Aileen stumbled (no pun intended) upon the pattern she has decided to use for the pajama top. The pattern was ordered, the sample completed and the new series will begin in January 2017. Seems like January is far away, but seriously, it’s June already. Be sure to sign up quickly, as Beginning Sewing at Temecula Valley Sewing Center is often completely filled months in advance.

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Leslie Hill on 12/24/16 @ 12:39am

Hi, I want to sign up for the beginners sewing project class. I hope to use my new, still in the box machine.

b.gottier on 12/24/16 @ 4:47pm

Hi Leslie. You can come into the shop any day next week and sign up. We're planning to close early on the 31st, and you can count on us being open 9:30am to 4:00pm during the week.

Wendy Elder on 3/7/17 @ 5:06pm

I am interested in my daughter taking your class. Please email with information. Do you also do private classes? Thank you in advance for your response.

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