The Sew Slip II

Sew Slip 2Several years ago we found a quilting aid known as The Sew Slip.  The Sew Slip was a 12″ x 18″ rectangular piece of  plastic type material with a small hole in the middle, and when placed on the bed of your sewing machine, would allow your needle to move up and down while assisting with fabric movement. The Sew Slip had a permanently slippery surface on one side and a permanently tacky surface on the other side. The tacky surface would grab the bed of the sewing machine while the slippery surface would allow your project to glide along during free motion quilting.  The minute we tried the Sew Slip, we were hooked.  At the time we ordered our first Sew Slip, we had been told that a newer version, enabling feed dog guided work, was going to be introduced so we placed an order for the newer version.

The Sew Slip II was a long time coming, but so worth the wait.   The Sew Slip II has the same incredible permanently slippery/permanently tacky surface composition as its older sister, The Sew Slip.  Because of the design of the original Sew Slip, however, we were limited to only free motion work.  The new Sew Slip II has a larger rectangle removed from its center to allow sufficient room for the feed dogs of your machine to move up and down as your project is fed through your machine.  Its generous 12″ x 18″ size can be easily trimmed with scissors should you need or want to trim it.  The Sew Slip II gives you the freedom to perform free motion work and the ability to tackle projects using the feed dog system of your sewing machine.

If you already own the original Sew Slip, you might want to consider also owning a Sew Slip II.  If you are being introduced to Sew Slip for the first time, because Sew Slip II has the larger center cut-out, you wouldn’t need to have both…Sew Slip II is all you would need.

Whether you are free motion quilting, quilting with the aid of a walking foot, or using a special foot for your machine as you work with leather, Minkie, flannel, ultra-suede, or some other pesky fabric, the Sew Slip II will assist you in moving your project  as it glides effortlessly through your machine.

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