Wheeled Trolleys in BRIGHT Solid Colors

NEW Blue Fig Trolleys

Temecula Valley Sewing Center has received a delivery of wheeled trolleys in BRIGHT solid colors.  The trolleys are from Blue Fig and are very well made.  The model of the bag is TB-19.  This TB-19 bag/trolley is made to fit most sewing machines.  We happen to carry Bernina and Janome machines and the TB-19 will hold all of the Bernina sewing machines, with the exception of the 8-Series.  The trolleys will also hold all of the Janome sewing machines, with the exception of the Horizon MC7700 and the MC11000.

The new solid colors include Bright Purple, Bright Pink and Bright Green.  If you are familiar with Janome’s new DC5100 and DC2011 machines, the coloring of the Bright Pink trolley looks as if it were made specially for those machines.  To me, the coloring is more fuchsia than pink.  Now, not only will transporting either of those machines in a new Blue Fig Bright Pink trolley be efficient and safe, it will be fashionable.

The new TB-19’s have zippered pockets and compartments both inside and outside the trolleys.  There is more than ample padding in the walls of the trolley.   There are also side handles on each trolley to aid with easy lifting into or out of your vehicle.  The TB-19’s from Blue Fig are an excellent value at only $89.99*.

* Due to the nature of this blog, the price listed here will not be updated if it is changed. Price is subject to change at any time.

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Reader Comments (18)

Linda Watkins on 3/29/11 @ 1:05pm

I like the pink and purple, but the green is really weird looking.

Elaine on 12/4/12 @ 10:14pm

Dimensions of the bags please? Have a Husqvarna Ruby, and wondering if it will fit. Prefer the more subtle colour of the green.....

robyn on 6/5/13 @ 2:48pm

I am lucky enough to have the new Janome 9900! Will any of these trolleys hold my machine?

b.gottier on 6/7/13 @ 9:24am

Yes, since the 9900 is not one of the larger Janome machines, it would fit inside these trolleys.

Andrea on 5/5/14 @ 10:07am

I have the MC9900 as well, and would like to know if it will fit this carrying case. This looks much lighter and much nicer than the black hard case carrier made by Janome. Oh yeah....much less expensive as well.

b.gottier on 5/6/14 @ 1:26pm

The Janome 9900 isn't especially large, so it will fit in one of these trolleys just fine.

Elaine on 6/11/13 @ 11:29pm

Hi there,
How can I buy a carry case for my janome 9900. It will be a lot easier to carry my machine around.
Kind regards.

b.gottier on 6/12/13 @ 7:45am

We have carry cases for the Janome 9900. Come by our store anytime and let us show you what your options are.

Andrea on 5/5/14 @ 10:09am

Hello...is there a link to your store, or can you send me the choices of carrying cases for the MC9900? I am not local and in need of a case for my machine for a class.

b.gottier on 5/6/14 @ 1:28pm

Andrea, your best option would be to call the store during normal business hours and ask for Aileen. She's our case expert, and can tell you about all of your options. (951) 694-9576

beth on 10/31/13 @ 3:28pm

Will the T19 carry the Janome MC6500P along with the extension table? Thanks, Beth

Charmaine Leadbetter on 5/28/14 @ 11:05pm

I would like to know how much is your trolly for the sewing machine....I live in Australia Sydney and how long will it take to get here

b.gottier on 5/30/14 @ 3:11pm

Sorry Charmaine, we don't ship outside of the United States. You should try contacting a dealer in Australia.

S.Tate on 5/31/15 @ 6:32am

What are the inside dimensions of these bags?

Betty J Thomsen on 4/20/18 @ 11:26am

what are the dimensions of these bags

Linda Van Valkenburgh on 10/31/16 @ 9:52am

Does this fit the Janome 9400?

b.gottier on 11/1/16 @ 4:17pm

Linda, I believe you will need the larger case. The larger case is a TB-20.

Mary on 5/28/18 @ 1:19pm

I have the Topaz 50. Made my viking. Will it fit

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